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 all iq tests are inaccurate

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PostSubject: all iq tests are inaccurate   Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:16 am

for the following reasons

1. nobody knows the exact same things. for example, the smartest child in math class is failing in science, but the smartest kid in science class is failing in math. no human thinks the same. blame human anatomy.

2. a person's knowledge does not revolve around the time in which they can answer a question. for example, I excel in almost every class, but I seem to do terrible to my teachers because the tests are timed. science has not proven yet, but, it's a theory that being smarter has defects of thinking slower due to the time it takes to sift through thoughts to get to the correct answer. females are renowned for being able to sift through thousands of thoughts every second, far further then males. the reason of this is still unknown.

ka-plow, hundreds of people's depressions due to insults from iq tests smashed.
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all iq tests are inaccurate
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