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 hey blitz

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Resident Stallionphile Guy.
Resident Stallionphile Guy.

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PostSubject: hey blitz   Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:42 pm

[6:39:15 PM] Koby Sinclair: David banned me.
[6:39:18 PM] Koby Sinclair: What the fuck?
[6:39:27 PM] Koby Sinclair: What did I do wrong?
[6:39:36 PM] Chris W: quote ban
[6:39:50 PM] Koby Sinclair: You have been banned from this forum.
Until 18/12/2011
For the reason : Jerk
[6:39:58 PM] Koby Sinclair: Shortly before calling be a dumbass twice.
[6:40:05 PM] Chris W: invalid ban reason\
[6:40:12 PM] Koby Sinclair: And saying I stick my nose in the wrong places.
[6:40:25 PM] Koby Sinclair: The fuck is wrong with him.

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hey blitz
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