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 Tick, Tock

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PostSubject: Tick, Tock   Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:28 am

9 PM

"Of course, Mom. I'll go to bed soon," you say on the phone to your mother, and then say bye and hang up. Your parents are away, you have the whole night to yourself. You decide to get on the computer to overcome your boredness. After you open the laptop and log onto the Internet, your cat lays on a carpet a few feet away from where the couch is and mews for you to pet him. Soon after watching YouTube for a few minutes, you begin to feel something is there. You shrug it off and look back at your video. You look at the clock, it says 9:45, with it's monotone "tick, tock" sound.

10 PM

You can't seem to shake the feeling that something will jump out and grab you. "That's silly," you mutter, hoping it was true. Oh, how wrong you were. Terribly wrong. Sighing, you turn on the TV and flip through the channels. Nothing good was on, so you decide to watch the Science Channel. You barely ever watch it, but you were seriously bored of screwing around on YouTube. Out of the corner of your eye, you caught a glimpse of a small girl with a white dress standing in the shadows. "What the crap..?" you ask, suddenly quite freaked out. The girl seems to disappear into thin air. Again, you look at the clock, 10:38. "Tick, tock..."

11 PM

Feeling tired and somewhat hungry, you go into the kitchen and get a slice of pizza out of the refridgerator and put it in the microwave. As you wait, you see the girl again, slightly closer. She had lifeless, white eyes and jet-black hair. She faded a few seconds after you saw her. Grabbing the pizza out of the microwave, you ran to your room and locked the door. The fear suddenly flooded back to you, sending chills down your spine.

12 AM

You tried to calm down by eating, but to no avail. Turning on the TV in your room, you slowly start to calm down. There was a solid bump outside of your room, and suddenly, static appeared on your TV. Amongst the white noise, you can faintly hear "No escape..." being hissed. You wish someone would come here and rescue you...But no one comes...Other than the girl. She bursts in the door. You scream, terrified, but she violently stabs you to death. The last thing you hear before you die is "Tick, tock..."
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Tick, Tock
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